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The Giants will be testing out their new offense this summer vs five opponents in preseason, but the one defense that will see it the most is their own. DC Perry Fewell was asked his impression of new OC Ben McAdoo's strategy a few weeks ago at minicamp.

"We love it," said Fewell. "It’s definitely up-tempo. It’s multiple personnel groups and he tries to get the ball to all of the different weapons that he has an opportunity to get them to. It was always difficult to defend when we played against him and it’s still going to be difficult to defend, I think, once the players react and still think. So we’re very excited about it. We love it as a defensive staff."

Perry Fewell

It will certainly keep his units busy and on their toes. The offenses have the advantage rule-wise in this league and it's a challenge for defenses to keep up. In past seasons, Fewell had been accused of being too predictable and stale, relying on pressure-based schemes to create turnovers. Things have changed.

"We came up with a lot of philosophies, some base philosophies," Fewell revealed. "We’ll let you see the schemes in the fall."

How Fewell plans to combat his in-house counterpart during the season as well outside opponents were a no-brainer. The Giants beefed up their secondary this spring and have a lot of "new tools" for him to work with. He referred to two defenses that have won championships.

"When I look at Seattle I thought that the back end and the front end were pretty good. I thought they looked like the New York Giants in ’07, ’11. I thought they were a carbon copy of the New York Giants. I just think that they had good personnel and played good football and executed at a high level."

The Giants will be reliant on the front seven, too, but there are many questions that remain unanswered. DE Jason Pierre-Paul is coming off back and shoulder injuries and MLB Jon Beason could miss the beginning of the season with a bum ankle. One player Fewell needs to step up in a big way is second-year DE Damontre Moore, who missed most of 2013 with a shoulder injury.

"We think he’s made a lot of progress from where he was a year ago," Fewell said of Moore. "He has grown a lot and if he takes that next step in the next month on his own, progressing even more, then when he comes back in the fall we’ll have another measuring stick of where we need to go with him."

But it is the new offense that will drive them harder than ever to continue to improve. They will give Fewell's defense fewer opportunities to force errors and ball hawk. He was asked if they resemble McAdoo's offense in Green Bay.

"They have that philosophy but I think it’s going to be the New York Giant personality that will come out within the offense because Eli is different than the quarterback in Green Bay. Eli will put his own spin onto it and then they will mold it to what they want it to be. I tell you, I think they’re excited about it now and at times you can see that when it’s executed very well, when they execute, it’s sharp looking offense." 

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