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The sun will be out today at Quest and the Giants will hopefully be back outdoors for this afternoon's training camp session.

The Giants were scheduled to practice outdoors in full pads yesterday, but teeming rain prevented that from happening.  Instead, they were forced into the field house in just helmets and shoulder pads.

NFL Officials were on hand, presumably to oversee a practice in pads, but stayed to handle the indoor activities.

WR Hakeem Nicks (groin) did not participate in practice. Tom Coughlin said Nicks was “day-to-day” and wants to make sure he’s healed before resuming drills.

“They just want to quiet it down, make sure that he heals before he goes back out and continues to maybe make it worse,” said Coughlin, who was asked if he was getting impatient with Nicks...

"No," Coughlin said. "Certainly, I want to see him on the field and he wants to be on the field. It’s frustrating, but I’ve got to learn to control myself when it comes to that as well and just realize that you know what, he’s trying like heck to get out there and he knows he needs to practice and work at it and he came in excited about being able to go and then he had this little groin injury, which I hope is not going to set him back for very long, but obviously they’re taking all the necessary precautions."

Nicks' receiving partner, Victor Cruz was asked if  he thought the latest injury is frustrating Nicks:

"He doesn’t seem frustrated to me, I think he’s just taking it easy.  I think he understands his body and exactly how he feels and how he wants to approach this training camp and this season.  I think he’s just taking it easy understanding that anything that he feels, anything that’s probably going wrong with his body, he wants to take his time and come back the right way."

WR coach Kevin M Gilbride displayed his feeling about Nicks' situation with a bit more urgency:

"I think he needs to practice. He knows it. He and I talk about it all the time and he knows it. In order for you to be ready for the season, you need to have done it and done it over and over and done it wrong, made the adjustment and then have it become part of what you do, the correct way to do it. He’s not there yet, he needs to continue to improve and he knows that. He understands that. In order for him to be ready to produce the way that he wants to produce and the way that we need him to produce, he needs to practice and get ready for that."

Cruz stood by his statement that Nicks is still the Giants' No.1 wideout:

"I think he’s the number one guy.  He was drafted here, first round pick.  He came here, he’s been here longer than I have.  He’s been the big play guy for God knows how long now.  He’s just our leader.  He’s in the locker room and he’s in our receiving corps and he’s our leader.  We all kind of follow suit to what he does and now that I’m here, we kind of role play off of each other.  Have a one-two punch kind of thing.  He’s been here, he’s put his time in, he’s well invested here."

GEICO SportsNite talks about the status of Giants' wide receivers Victor Cruz and Hakeem Nicks from Giants training camp.

DT Cullen Jenkins missed practice due to a death in the family (grandmother).

Several players stood out at camp today: WR Kevin Hardy and TE Adrien Robinson both made nice grabs on several occasions. Coughlin lauded Robinson’s progress after practice:

“I think he’s making steady progress. You know, today I thought he practiced well, made some plays, and more importantly, from an assignment standpoint he did well, so, we look forward to having him continue that way because we also see Larry Donnell making a couple plays, so with those two big, young tight ends, they certainly do give us flexibility provided they can continue to improve.”

CB Prince Amukamara continued his strong showing, outrunning WR Victor Cruz on a deep route to make a pick.

The offensive line continued to be the same: David Baas at center, Will Beatty and David Diehl at tackle and Kevin Boothe and James Brewer at guard. Justin Pugh continued to work primarily with the second group, but saw some snaps with the ‘one’s’.

“Just a few, but, yeah, we’d like to be able to do that,” said Coughlin. “Basically, the first couple of groups are being interchanged every once and awhile, so you’ll see that.”

Coughlin said he will be present for Bill Parcells’ induction into the Pro Football Hall of Fame this Saturday. He will be here for practice and then fly out to Canton. It will be his first trip to a HOF induction ceremony….

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