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Many fans and readers across the blogdom are complaining the Giants aren't doing enough in the opening days of free agency. Please, stop the insanity. Just because the NFL Network calls this time of year a "frenzy "it doesn't mean everyone has to act irrationally.

A few things....

Free agency will be open for the next four months. There are still plenty of talented young men looking for work out there. The Giants are being patient. The second (and third) waves of free agency are about to hit and bargains will be plentiful.

They are not about to throw Powerball-like contracts at players that simply aren't worth it. As I have always said: "Let somebody else make those mistakes."

Cornerbacks are being paid higher than franchise quarterbacks. It's a ridiculous waste of money. As a rule of thumb, you only hand over these huge sums of cash to unique talents, not the flavors-of-the-month.

I can tell you this from dealing with personnel issues over my lifetime: for every job filled, there's five candidates waiting. Patience pays off, believe me. Teams are getting sucked in because they have this newly-found wealth and are being forced to spend it. They're not spending it wisely if you ask me. You know what they say about fools and money.

Ebenezer Samuel of the Daily News brought up a good point the other day: the Giants are trying to get younger. All of their UFA signings have been players under 30. They're building.

Jerry Reese got the memo: one-year, minimum deals to aging veterans is not the way to go.

A few things happened on the overnight...

The Giants signed former Ravens' LB Jameel McClain yesterday. They need depth at LB and Jerry Reese is in the process of getting that done.

McClain, 28, was signed as a UDFA out of Syracuse by the Ravens in 2008 and has been a reliable and steady performer in each of his six seasons as a pro. A spine injury limited him to 10 games last year. Off the field, McClain is heavily involved in charity work and devotes himself to giving back to the community.

From Rotoworld:

The Giants aren't done at linebacker despite giving Jon Beason $19 million to remain their starting middle linebacker. It's possible that they'll ask McClain to play outside after their deal with O'Brien Schofield was nixed by a failed physical. McClain, 28, overcame a scary spinal injury to start 10 games for the Ravens last season. He's a middling talent along with Spencer Paysinger/Jacquian Williams at the other outside 'backer spot.
OL Bruce Campbell visited the Giants on Thursday (Wilson, March 13). To put it kindly, Campbell is a former phenom who has not realized success in the pros.

Drafted in the fourth round out of Maryland by the Raiders in the 2010 NFL Draft, the 6'6", 320lb Campbell was shifted around from guard to tackle over his three seasons in Oakland. In 2012, he was traded to Carolina, where he stayed until he was waived/injured before the 2013 with a torn rotator cuff. He has played in 19 NFL games over four seasons, but has never been a starter.

This week, the Redskins signed Campbell to a one-year deal but voided it after Campbell failed his physical. Apparently, the shoulder is still an issue. The Giants will likely pass as well.

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