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Big weather weekend scheduled for NYC and the last thing football people want to talk about It's officially vacation time for most NFL players, coaches, employees and (some) media. Not us, though. We're a 365 day-a-year operation here. Bloggers are like sharks, if they stop blogging, they die (so we hear).

Even Tom Coughlin, the Giants' workaholic head coach, plans on taking some time off. There's nothing official on the schedule until July 21st when the Giants begin their annual training camp, so hey, why not?

"I’ll be in and out. I’ll take my time – family vacation type thing like we do every year, I do that. Like I told the coaches, just leave everything like it is on your desk because you’ll be right back here," Coughlin told reporters last week.

The players will be gone for about a month, but Coughlin himself doesn't plan on taking the full break off.

"I’ll take more than that. By the end of the summer I will have taken time. I think that’s important. For me, a lot of times all I have to do is change the routine and I can get refreshed but you do need to get away."

Coughlin was asked what his message to the team was when they broke minicamp last week:

"We always talk about being smart. The ‘NY’ never comes off. Be responsible. Don’t let someone who has nothing invested in your future make decisions for you, who you’re going to be with, where you’re going, how you conduct yourself. And of course conditioning work in the heat is an important thing and the realization, obviously, that alcohol and driving, just that alone, and the hydration process can be set back. You’ve got to be very smart this time of year with how you’re conducting yourself, what you’re doing. You can never lose sight of the prize."

Has anyone been looking over the fence in the NFC East yet this summer? The Washington Redskins are quietly putting together the pieces around RGIII. OC Sean McVay believes TE Jordan Reed is the real deal.

""He’s an elite route runner for the position, and he still competes with the toughness," McVay said of Reed in an in an interview on the team's official website. "He’s got great feet, so he can cover guys up in the run game. I think what we’ll try to do with him will maximize his skillset. He’s done a great job this offseason, so he’s in position to have a great year."

Reed will be tough to handle with DeSean Jackson, Pierre Garcon, Santana Moss, Leonard Hankerson and Andre Roberts on the outside.

The NFL raised the salary cap by nearly $10 million this offseason to approximately $133 million. That move benefited the teams that normally banged up against the cap, such as the Giants. The past several seasons, the Blue was "cap-strapped" and had little manueverability.

This year, they are $6,875,040.00 under the cap and have addressed almost all of their needs this offseason. Some teams did not need the ceiling raised. The Jacksonville Jaguars ($27 million), Cleveland Browns ($24 mil), Cincinnati Bengals ($23 mil) and the Jets ($22 mil) all have a ton of cap space with no real attractive free agents left to spend it on. The rich got richer and so did the poor, it seems...

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