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Here is the quick and dirty on the Giants' unrestricted free agents and a some loos commentary on each...

High Profile Free Agents

DE Justin Tuck - The Giants will do everything in their power to keep Tuck, but they have a price in their heads on what they are willing to pay to make that happen. If their numbers  mesh with Tuck's, he'll be back. It would be a shame to see him go elsewhere after all he's done for this team and the area.

WR Hakeem Nicks - Most think his Giant career is over, but nothing is set in stone, yet. Nicks may find the open market a bit harsh this spring and may end up taking a lot less than he anticipated. Whether the Giants are willing to continue their relationship with him is still suspect.

RB Andre Brown - He wants to come back and the Giants would love to make that happen. Again, at what price is the question.

S Stevie Brown - Same deal here. Both parties are willing, now let's see if they're able.

LB Jon Beason - The Giants will be meeting with Beason soon and hopefully things will work out. They better. This guy is a keeper in my book, and they're aren't a lot of names in that book.

DL Linval Joseph - Depends on if he tests the market or not. The Giants would love to lock him up, but Joseph's reps may feel the need to hold off on re-signing with the Giants in favor seeking the most money possible.

CB Terrell Thomas - He re-proved himself this season and is worthy of a new deal. How much he'll take to stay remains to be seen.

K Josh Brown - Good kickers are hard to find and Brown is a good one. The Giants will look to bring him back.

Roster Fillers

TE Bear Pascoe - A solid team and multi-purpose player. He's a classy guy and the team likes him. But with a new offense being installed, he may not fit.

LB Keith Rivers - Why he was brought back this season was a mystery. The only way Rivers comes back in on a minimum deal.

CB Trumaine McBride - Played his way into the team's plans. I expect them to bring McBride Back.

OL Kevin Boothe - He won't be showered with offers, so the Giants will wait to re-sign him, if at all.

S Ryan Mundy - Had a surprisingly good season in 2013 and there's no reason for the team not to make him an offer this spring.

DE Mike Patterson - Also had a nice season and, depending on if Joseph stays, the Giants would not hesitate to bring him back.

CB Aaron Ross - Someday Ross will pay off for the Giants. But I say that every year. I haven't been right yet...

DT Shaun Rogers - He's near the end, so things would really have to deteriorate on the interior line for the team to reach out to him.

QB Curtis Painter - It depends on if you believe Ryan Nassib is for real or not. Can't see the Giants using three roster spots on QBs again this season.

RB Peyton Hillis - Played well during his time here. The Giants may not reach out to him right away, but many would have no problem with him if they did.

WR Louis Murphy - Did very little this season for the Giants and it's hard to think they'd be in a hurry to reel him in unless they were strapped at WR.

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