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Those "camp battle" posts are cropping up all over the net this time of year, as NFL teams get ready to open their training camps across the country.

The Giants have scores of new faces and just as many roster holes to fill, so this year, these posts are grabbing the fans' attention more than ever.

One situation in particular that will pique the interest of Giant fans is the battle for the FB position between John Conner (pictured), whose presence buoyed the Giants running game after he was signed last season in late September, and Henry Hynoski, who is returning from shoulder surgery.

Yes, The Hynocerous vs The Terminator, for those who want to play that angle.

After Hynoski fractured his shoulder in the Giants' embarrassing 38-0 loss in Carolina, GM Jerry Reese signed the former Jet Conner, who had been recently released by Cincinnati.

Conner came right in and showed the Giants what he could do with his physical play. He played in the team's remaining 13 games and apparently winning favor throughout the organization.

This spring, the Giants chose not to tender Hynoski, who was a restricted free agent, only to circle back and sign him for less in the UFA market. His contract, mysteriously, is more lucrative than Conner's.

This creates an apparent competition at fullback this summer. If so, Conner is clearly the favorite, having demonstrated he can play the position well and handle the football when asked. Hynoski is a rough and tumble type whose role was due to be expanded last season. Hyno has 24 receptions (one for a TD) and five carries over his first 30 games as a Giant.

Both players deserve to be on an NFL roster. Many believe the Giants will carry only one fullback, but there is a possibility they could carry two. These two are worth keeping.

RB David Wilson has yet to be cleared medically. He is due to meet with doctors again on the 21st. Should he not get that clearance, it would possibly lead to the Giants carrying two fullbacks and one less RB.

The Giants usually carry four RBs, possibly five. Rashad Jennings, Peyton Hillis, Andre Williams and Michael Cox are the RBs right now with Wilson on the fence.

An injury would surely free things up, too, but it makes sense to me to have both of these players on the roster regardless. Conner is a great special teams player and Hynoski may have a lot of good football left in his future.

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