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A report broke earlier this week that the Giants were on a short list of teams that could be forced to appear on HBO’s “Hard Knocks.”

The other teams include the Bears, Bills, Cardinals, Jaguars, Raiders, Rams and Steelers.

The new stipulations that made these teams eligible are the following: The team has not made the playoffs the last two seasons, the team does not have a new head coach and the team has not appeared on the show in the last 10 years.

Well, the Giants meet all these criteria.

But seriously, “Hard Knocks” featuring the Giants probably wouldn’t be too entertaining.

Of course I would watch, since it’s about my team, but the Giants never really do anything too far out of the ordinary.

Tom Coughlin would not have the catchphrases that Rex Ryan made commonplace on “Hard Knocks” with the Jets in 2010.

And the Giants would never sign a troubled player like Chad Johnson, who the Miami Dolphins brought in for 2012 training camp being filmed by “Hard Knocks.”

Maybe there would be a training camp scuffle between a few new players trying to make a mark, but Coughlin likely wouldn’t be too thrilled about giving HBO an all-access pass.

Basically, the show would be all about Antrel Rolle, since he’s the only Giant willing to stir the pot a bit. But that would get old after one or two episodes.

John Mara has made it known that the only time he’d want the Giants to be on “Hard Knocks” is when he’s next to his father in “Gates of Heaven cemetery.”

A show about the Bears and Jay Cutler – the new highest paid player in the NFL – or the Raiders and their crazy fans or even the Jaguars if they decide to bring in Johnny Manziel would be much more compelling.

Likely one of these other teams will volunteer, so the Giants could be off the hook. But if selected for the show, would you be OK with that? More importantly, would you watch?

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