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Andy Furman of Ultimate NYG says NC tight end Eric Ebron can transform the Giants' offense...

“I get more impressed by Eric Ebron every time I see him,” says the UltimateNYG Draft analyst. “Right after Sammy Watkins is Eric Ebron. If he is there at 12, I celebrate and rush to the podium to select him.”

Pat Traina writes in Bleacher Report analyzes all the 'experts' predictions for the Giants in the first round of the NFL Draft...

"I’ve long been of the opinion that teams don’t always view their needs the same way as analysts, reporters and fans.

Want proof? Look at how last year the New York Giants, whom many people on the outside believed were in dire need of a linebacker, traded up to get a backup quarterback (Ryan Nassib), about whom general manager Jerry Reese told reporters, "If he doesn't ever play, that would be great."

SNYGiants insider Ralph Vacchiano of the Daily News tells us the Giants spent a lot of money over the past month, but still have a long way to go in covering all their needs...

"Maybe $115 million just doesn’t go as far as it used to. Or maybe it eventually will. That’s certainly what the Giants are hoping, that all that money they spent this offseason will make them a vastly improved team.

It has to be somewhat concerning, though, that all that spending — spread out among 24 players — hasn’t come close to answering all the questions or plugging all the Giant holes. Money bought them key upgrades at running back, linebacker, cornerback and the offensive line. But their big plans to rebuild on the fly still rest on some important unknowns."

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