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The Giants have five players on the Phyically Unable to Perform - or PUP - list this camp. We know JPP (back) is in the midst of rehab as are Henry Hynoski (knee) and Markus Kuhn (also a knee). Terrell Thomas (knee) was cleared by doctors, but the team felt it best to shelve him at this time.

"He’s restricted in what he can do. We’re all frustrated about it," Tom Coughlin said yesterday. "He is himself, number one. The sooner he can get out there, the better off we’ll all be. And he came in fully feeling like he could start right out in practice and just wasn’t able to do that right away. We’ll be patient, but know full well that we’re all excited the moment he gets a chance to come out and practice and we get a sense of where he is, how he’s going to be and that type of thing."

The one player that is not long for the list is guard Chris Snee, who told reporters he could begin practicing as early as next week:

Q: Will it be long before you can get back on the field?A: No, I wouldn’t think it would be too long but I don’t know. I feel pretty good, I’ll really just take this week and just condition hard and see how it feels after that.

Q: Does it feel strange not being a part of it?A: Yeah, a little bit. This is the first time in my career that I’ve been on this so it’s different and I’m just going to roll with it and help out in other ways, help out in the class room, talk to the young guys. I’ll be on the field every day.

Q: It’s not just an old man’s way of getting out of practice?A: No. Despite what some people say, I’m catching a lot of heat there, I’m just following the doctor’s orders.

Q: There was no setback, was there? Because I know you were hoping to be ready.A: That’s the goal, but we thought it was in the best interest to take a little time.

Q: Was that decision made before you guys got here yesterday or was it one of those things…?A: Yeah, but I’m close.

Q: Did you know it was coming?A: Yeah, I had a feeling. Like I said, there are still some things that I need to work out and, like I said, there’s no reason to rush things now. But I’m doing everything I need to do to get in shape and I ran harder than those guys did yesterday.

Q: Do you figure this will be a fairly short stay on PUP?A: I hope so. If I keep progressing the way that I do, I would think so.

Q: Did you foresee this after the surgery?A: Yeah, I knew the timeline would be close and that’s why you always set your goal tentatively for the start of camp but I’m not 100 percent, so why rush back?

Q: How much time do you think you need?A: I still need to get in the preseason games and get those reps. I wouldn’t feel comfortable going into a regular season opener without having played some preseason games. Now, do I want to take 40 snaps a game? No. But I need to get some practice reps and some game reps. I’ll get those in.

Q: Are you confident you will be active some point in training camp?A: Absolutely.

Q: Were you surprised that you were on PUP? You were able to do some things in the spring, it looked like you were making progress?Like I said, I knew the timeline after the surgery. I knew that it would be close to the start of camp and that was always my goal. I want to be out there with everyone. I think the trainers and staff all know that. Sometimes they have to hold me back a little bit. They just said to take a little more time. So this week I’ll run hard, I’ll be in shape.

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