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Tom Coughlin is proud of the way his team bounced back after getting stunned early on by the Washington Redskins last night...

“We knew it would be a battle right to the end, but I am most proud of the way we hung in there," the coach said. "All three sides of the ball contributed very well, and when we had the turnover our defense held them to a field goal."

"We took the ball down the field and scored when we needed to do that. We got the margin up to a touchdown which really put the pressure on them to go the length of the field."

"I thought there were a number of outstanding plays. [Defensive end Justin] Tuck with four sacks, and I think [linebacker Jon] Beason had 17 tackles. We had the special teams blocked punt, that was outstanding."

"There were a lot of outstanding contributors tonight, and it was a beautiful night for football. I am just glad we could hang in there and get the win.”

Coughlin was asked if he's happy about how his team is playing after their tough start.

“I don’t know if that’s the right word," said Coughlin. "I’m happy to win, that’s for sure, and the guys come out to fight and they knew what they were in for – backs against the wall. We played hard last week and didn’t get a win, so they truly did show what they’re made of.”

On the fumble recovery by safety Will Hill:“That was some play. I was just kidding with him that he had it all the way, but he knew what he wanted. The ball was hanging out there after the short gain which would have given them the first down. He ripped the ball out, did a great job of seeing the opportunity, and then he pushed himself down the field five or six yards. That was an outstanding play and the kind of play you need to have to win.”

On if he was worried when the team was down two touchdowns:“It was too early. Certainly they had two scores right away, and we knew they would play the no-huddle offense, it was just a matter of when they would play it. They started the game in it, and it did have us running around a little bit but one of the reasons was when they substitute we are supposed to be allowed to substitute. It wasn’t really happening right away, but eventually it did. We settled down a little bit, and were able to do some things that controlled the consistency of their offense. The beginning of the game, their offense was quite outstanding. They kept making first downs, and the yardage on the run game was five or six yards per run. We did settle down, and played much better after that.”

On the importance of the contributions from the younger players who have stepped up:“Well, going forward it’s essential. We have been counting on, for example, [cornerback Jayron] Hosley for quite some time. He got to play in that. He got his feet wet. He did some good things. You know [defensive end] Damontre [Moore], we got him in there on third down. He rushed the passer for us as well and he’s really been outstanding in the punt blocking area.”

On defensive end Justin Tuck being criticized at the beginning of the season:“I didn’t see that all year long. I don’t know who was writing that. I thought he practiced well in the preseason. I thought he practiced and played well. He didn’t have the numbers. He’s the guy that when we refer to the number of sacks that we’ve missed where the quarterback has escaped on us, Justin has been a guy in that circumstance as well, but you just keep coming. That’s the whole thing about playing hard and knowing what you’re in for and you just keep coming. Early on, we didn’t have much pressure on the quarterback. He stood back there and did what he wanted to do and then we eventually started to get some pressure. When that pressure came, the quarterback tried to pull it down and run, Justin was there.”

On the key to containing Redskins running back Alfred Morris:“Well, our run defense has been good. We’ve done a nice job with that. All the really outstanding runners if you look at that we’ve played this year, we’ve really done an outstanding job of not stopping, but controlling those people. So, this was just a byproduct of that. You know, we allowed the quarterback to have some yards in the second half. We knew the quarterback was going to keep the ball, but we were more concerned with the run to be honest with you – both runners. When he started making some yards, we had to make some adjustments.”

On what caused the turnaround at 14-0:“Well, if you look at the first two series offensively, we had a sack, which we made at second-and-17 and we started out on the minus-one-yard line. So, I think after that, we were able to move the ball. Then, that last series where we brought down under two minutes, we did leave quite a bit of time on the clock, but we were able to bring it down in two minute and score.”

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