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from SNYGiants contributor Craig Santucci:

New York Giants Strong Safety Stevie Brown is done for the year with a ACL tear and now Giants fans are feeling this injury… a bit harder than most.

Why? Because Stevie Brown was exciting.

New York Giant fans appreciate the “ground and pound” and “staunch defense” more than anyone; however, the current Giants fans also appreciate the high flying, high tempo football the Giants' offensive delivers.

Young and old Giants fans together still love a sack, a 80 yard take it to the house run and an interception returned for a touchdown.

Over the last 10 years the New York Giants have been built around there great defensive ends.  Some of the most dominating players at their position have worn blue and white.

Strahan, Umenyiora, Kiwanuka, Pierre Paul and Tuck.

In the 80’s and 90’s the linebackers of the New York Giants dominated the NFL.  Some of the most talented and ferocious linebackers in the entire NFL have worn blue and white.

Taylor, Carson, Van Pelt, Banks, Johnson, Reasons, and Armstead.

While Stevie Brown is not an “all world” safety and will never be in the class with Ed Reed and Troy Palamulo, he sure was fun to watch.  Even during his last play before getting injured he was intercepting the ball.

Brown was 2nd in the NFL with interceptions in 2012(eight) and became a stand out half way through last year filling in for an often injured Kenny Phillips.

In fact, with Brown’s 8 interceptions in 11 games and the addition of hard hitting Will Hill, Kenny Phillips became an expendable last year.   Phillips, the Giants former #1 pick in 2008 was cut from the Philadelphia Eagles yesterday showcasing his downward spiral.

Over the last 20 years the New York Giants have suffered with average to bad safeties, including Kenny Hill, Sam Garnes, Shaun Williams, Michael Johnson, Sammy Knight, Will Demps, R. W. McQuarters, and CC Brown to name a few.

Stevie Brown, Kenny Phillips(before the knee injury), and Antrel Rolle had brought respectability back to the defensive back field of the New York Giants and the ball hawk in Brown will be hard to replace.

Will Hill is serving a 4 game suspension and rookie safety Cooper Taylor has not seen the field since his hamstring problem leaving Antrel Rolle and Pittsburgh Steelers castoff Ryan Mundy to fill the gaps.

So where do the Giants go? I might think about calling Deon Grant. He retired wearing blue and white.

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