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Q: What’s the difference being a Defensive Tackle? What is your approach?

A: Everything happens a little fast on the inside. You don’t get as much time to work on your moves. Just have to be quicker and understand the guys are a little bigger.

Q: How is it working with Coach Nunn?

A: It’s great working with Coach Nunn; he works me hard and has expectations for me. He wants to me work on my pad level, little things each and every day to make sure I am a better player and I will have great guys around me in that room.

Q: What have Cullen Jenkins and Mike Patterson been teaching you?

A: Just the fundamentals of the game, the little things that the great players harp on. Little things whether it be your stance, pad level, eyes, the little things that if you get right, you will be a great player.

Q: What is your impression of Coach Coughlin?

A: He’s cool, man. He knows what he wants. He’s like a grandpa that walks around the halls, I guess. Sometimes he has a great sense of humor, sometimes he doesn’t.

Q: Does he give you any word of encouragement? Any wisdom?

A: Just be myself and continue to work hard and play with great effort.

Q: Can you talk about Syracuse with him (Tom Coughlin) or is it all business?

A: Its Orange Pride throughout these hallways and that’s known. Everybody knows that and that’s the basis of it.

Q: Are you happy where you left Syracuse?

A: Definitely. It comes from a team that didn’t have a winning season for about eight or nine years to three bowl games in my four years. That’s a great accomplishment.

Q: Anything you looking forward to today in full pads?

A: It isn’t any different for me. I play inside. They have been full go since day one. I like the pads because it gives me a little more range with my hands and work with my pad level and things like that. Other than that, it’s all fun out here.

Q: What has been the biggest adjustment between coming out of college and in the pros?

A: They’re just better, the offensive linemen are just as quick as you are. You’re not getting away with the same little moves and the things you got away with in college because you were better than everyone else. It takes a lot of technique to win one on one battles at this level.

Q: Any goals at this point?

A: My goal is just to get better each and every day. Come out here every day and work hard with my teammates, get in better condition, get in better shape, get my technique better, and get my pad level better. Those are my goals, I set those miniscule goals and the big goals will fall into place.

Q: Are you surprised that you are at a pro camp?

A: I’m not surprised. I’d like to think I set these goals in my head and I am thankful to have this opportunity, but it is something I worked for. It’s no surprise to me it, just a surprise to everybody else.

Q: Playing right in your backyard, you’re right across the river from home…

A: Exactly man, I get home in about 40 minutes. That’s a blessing in itself and I am just thankful to have this city behind me and the papers that supported me and I am thankful for that.

Q: What is it like to be a part of the New York connection?

A: Great. Just to have that many New York City kids to play for a team and be successful. When it comes to New York, we are the New York Giants, but you go into that locker room and you are not going to find ten New York players so that is just how it is when it comes to New York football and it’s just a blessing to be able to support and be one of the cornerstones for my city.

Q: What do you think of recruiting New York City?

A: Right in the backyard. You can’t go away from home, not too far. You can’t stray away from home too far. You have to show respect to those guys and the hard work they put in.


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