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The injury bug is hitting the Giants again. DE Jason Pierre-Paul, RB Brandon Jacobs and CBs Trumaine McBride and Corey Webster have been ruled out for Sunday's game in Washington.

Head coach Tom Coughlin discussed alternative plans at their positions....

How did Hakeem (Nicks) look?He looked fine.

Is his speed an issue?I hope not, let’s put it that way. We need him to be full speed, that’s for sure.

Did Jason Pierre-Paul have a continuation from Sunday?He definitely was not himself last weekend and there are obviously some things to deal with there from a standpoint of the injury, so he hasn’t been able to practice this week.

Is there a chance to see more from Markus Kuhn or Damontre Moore with JPP down?We’d like that to happen.

What was the difference with JPP from between the Packers game and the Cowboys game? Did he re-injure himself late in the Packers game?There’s an injury and he’s dealing with it. He certainly was sore after the Packers game and he really had a tough week. It was a tough week for him. He tried to go. He wasn’t able to do the things he wanted to do and that carried over into this week.

Will Cullen Jenkins work at defensive end with JPP out?He’s been working a little bit out there.

No McBride or Webster Sunday. Does that mean Hosley gets bumped up and gets a shot?It would be a strong consideration.

What have you seen from him (Hosley) lately?He’s had a good week. He’s been having a good week. He had a nice practice today. I think he’s excited.

Is Brandon Jacobs going to have to manage his knee like JPP is going to have to manage his shoulder?Yeah. I think so.

How nice is it to have Kevin Boothe when you need him to switch positions on the offensive line due to injuries?Kevin is very, very reliable and can play a couple of positions and does it without batting an eye and certainly is a very, very stable, dependable guy up front.

Has he been almost a godsend given what’s happened on the offensive line?We’re certainly very happy that he’s here and has been here. He’s done this before now, remember.

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