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New QB coach Danny Langsdorf said yesterday the Giants want to raise their completion percentage to around 70 percent from the 57.5 percent mark Eli Manning logged last season.

"We’d love to be there at 70 percent, it hasn’t been done very often. That’s the ultimate goal," Langsdorf told reporters on Monday. "But we want to raise his (Eli's) completion percentage for sure. I don’t know about the history, maybe because they took more shots downfield, but we’d love to shoot for 70. I think it’s been eight or nine times maybe. I think Brees maybe has done it a few times lately but that’s an impressive statistic if you look at the history of the league. That’s what we’re gunning for is 70%."

That could easily be achieved with the calls for shorter passes and screen plays that new OC Ben McAdoo plans to implement this season. Eli has traditionally been one of the league's top deep passers. That philosophy has made him both famous and infamous at the same time.

His "home run" mentality has won him two Super Bowl MVPs, but it has also doomed the Giants when a more conservative approach would have gotten the job done. He's led the NFL in INTs in three of his ten seasons as a pro.

So, can Eli shift that philosophy and become a more efficient passer? Paul Schwartz of the Post says history is against him...

"Consider that Manning’s best season as far as accuracy was 2010, when he completed 62.9 percent of his passes. He’s gone down every year since and dipped to 57.5 percent in his horrid 27-interception 2013 performance. Even at his best, Manning, operating a more high-risk, high-reward offense, was never close to the NFL leaders in completion percentage. His career 58.5 percent is fairly pedestrian."
From GEICO SportsNite: Eli Manning accepts the challenge of completing 70 percent of his passes this year, while the Giants are frustrated with Odell Beckham Jr.

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