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I had the feeling the Giants would not win in sunny San Diego, predicting a 30-24 loss. What I got instead was a 37-14 blowout that left no doubt in my mind that this team needs some wholesale changes.

Let me be clear, that over time, I have defended the front office and coaching staff of this team to the point where readers have told me to quit writing and that I was an embarrassment to my profession. It appears the readers were right. Patience has usually paid off for me in my life, but with this team, they have finally worn out their welcome.

Let me state that from this moment on: I will no longer stand behind this group. They have lost my confidence.

At this juncture, I really don't care who stays or who goes. No executive, player or coach should feel safe. The fans are paying exorbitant sums to watch this team flounder week after week. At some point, someone's feet has to be held to the fire. Someone's got to be accountable.

Who's to blame? Everyone. Tom Coughlin has done a nice job here for the most part. His two Super Bowl runs cannot be refuted, but there were many times during his tenure when this team didn't answer the call. This year, they didn't get out of bed until the season was nearly half-over. That's on him.

Maybe Coughlin stays. But if he does, he needs new assistants. Bill Belichick changes coordinators, coaches and personnel like you and I change socks. He still wins. It can be done. The Giants need to expand their thinking and bring in some fresh faces. The offensive playcalling has been, well, offensive. The defense was saved by the schedule and the arrival of a legitimate MLB. The special teams are far from special.

I'm also done with Eli Manning. He's got a long way to go to win me back. He has been horrible this season. I understand he is dealing with a makeshift offensive line, but there have been plenty of times where he could have made plays this season and just didn't. He hasn't gotten a lot of help this season, but in my eyes he hasn't done much to help himself, either.

For a QB who has played nearly a decade in this league without missing a game, he sure makes a helluva lot of mistakes. Unconscionable ones too. Mistakes you would attribute to rookies.

After the season, I will give my recommendations for how to improve this team. It will be an extensive list.

Your thoughts?

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