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Justin Tuck signed a two-year, $11 million deal with the Raiders, but not before giving the Giants a chance to counter. The Giants reportedly offered him two-years and $6 million.

"I understand the Giants have a lot of holes to fill. If they were trying to sign me before free agency hit, or at least were trying to communicate with us, then I probably would've took somewhere around a two-year deal, $8 million, somewhere around there," Tuck said (Vacchiano, March 14).

Tuck said the Giants "made up my mind for me" with the offer and made him feel like the team "didn't really want me at all."

Read more: Ralph Vacchiano, New York Daily News

To quote Dick Cheney..."So..."

This is a business. Ask Patriots owner Bob Kraft about how he feels about his players, he'll tell you that he loves them all. But when it comes to paying them past their prime, he'll tell you that he still loves them. But he wont pay them any longer.

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