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Some quotes from Eli Manning at Giants camp...

On the new quarterback coach, Danny Langsdorf:

  • "...[T]here are some things that are different just in the philosophy of the offense and the footwork and some of the mechanics of things. There are some new things, they all make sense. Each day there are some things… you try to get better at something and you try to keep improving and not making the same mistakes. There are some things you’re doing well but you could be doing better... there are some new ideas that I’m learning."
On integrating more screen passes into the new offense:

  • "I think the screens are good just because it does slow down the pass rush. If those guys are just running up the field you have to get them up the field and get the ball out quickly, get those touches in the running backs’ hands. Those running backs, it’s not just how many times they carry the ball but if you can get them on some screen passes and get the ball in their hands quickly and let them be a runner and get those tough yards, that’s good stuff. We have to get the screen game going. It’s an easy way to get the ball out of your hands and get some big plays."
On having Mario Manningham back:

  • "I think he’s still kind of getting his speed back and getting his feel back. He didn’t practice at all during the spring so he’s only been back here for a few practices. You know he’s a guy who can make plays for you and he can… we have a good communication and just be on the same page with me. He’s still learning a new offense. He’s only been out there a few days so he’s still learning on the run as well."
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