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“It’s reenergized me,” Eli Manning said of Ben McAdoo's new offense. “I’m trying to speed up the process of getting comfortable in the new system. I don’t have 10 years. I have a few months" (Armstrong, July 13).

Manning and rookie Odell Beckham Jr. worked together extensively recently, even sitting in a golf cart and going over throws after practice.

Eli and the Giants start camp in under two weeks.

The new offense is a more "up tempo" one and should make Eli a more efficient passer. Last season, he was clearly the NFL's most inefficient passer, tossing a league-high 27 picks while registering the league's lowest passer rating (69.4) for QBs with 500 or more attempts.

McAdoo will have Eli getting to the line quicker and snapping the football with plenty of time left on the play clock, something that was a huge issue last season. The offense will have more of an attack approach than the passive, plodding we saw the past two seasons.

Add in quicker reads, shorter passes and a more versatile and powerful running game, and Eli appears to be set up for a huge turnaround in is career.

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