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As the New York Yankees shortstop looks to wrap up his career after his 20th season with the Yankees, Manning enters his 11th with the hopes of one day retiring just like Jeter: with only one team listed under his name (Daily News, July 28).

“He’s been a good role model and we’ve kept up with each other a little bit,” Manning said Monday. “On and off the field, what he’s been able to do as a player and the way he’s respected and the way he’s gone about his business — for a young player in New York, he’s a good role model.”

Jeter became Manning's role model early on in the quarterback's career. After a difficult six-game losing streak kicked off his pro career, Manning was surprised to get a phone call one day from the Hall of Fame bound shortstop offering encouragement.

“He was supportive of me. We had lost a few games and he was trying to get a feel for things,” Manning said. “He said to keep grinding, keep working."

While Manning has many goals still left to achieve in his career, he  hopes to do them all as a member of the Giants organization.

“I think that’s always your goal, especially after you’ve been there a number of years, to finish with an organization,” Manning said. “I think that’s where you are comfortable, especially a terrific organization like the New York Giants. Obviously, you never know the circumstances that might pop up and what will occur. So you got to take advantage of the years that you are here and the years you are playing and make them the best.”

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