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The NFL may attempt to derail Chip Kelly and his no huddle offense in PhIlly

from SNY contributor Craig Santucci

Football has always been played offensive vs. defense, eleven of your best players lined up against eleven of my best players, unless you’re the Philadelphia Eagles new head coach and “football innovator” Chip Kelly.

The Philadelphia media and fan base is clamoring for something positive and something new after long time head coach Andy Reid failed to win a Super Bowl and frankly wore down the City of Brotherly Love with same “That was my fault” answers to every media question.

However after hearing a report this week that Chip “I invented football” Kelly proposes to blare music through the PA system before every opponent’s offensive snap is ridiculous. While Eagles training camp has been soft by most standard with the lack of hitting or tackling, blaring music to confuse the opponents offense is bush league.

One may ask, won’t that confuse and make communication tough on the defense also…the answer is No. The Eagles have practiced all through training camp with music blasting through the PA system to have players accustom to the Oregon successful ways.

Eli Manning found out the hard way how “college coaches” desperately want to make a name for themselves when former Rutgers University football coach, Greg Schiano had his Buccaneer defense blast into Eli as he knelt down to end a gamea few year back.

Enter Chip Kelly. Chip Kelly was a very good college football coach and is highly regarded by current NFL coaches including New York Giants Head Coach Tom Coughlin and New England Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick.

Coughlin attempted to make Kelly part of the Big Blue staff in 2006 as a quality control coach before Kelly became the head coach at Oregon.

Bill Belichick met with the Ducks coach in 2012 to discuss how he operated the "blur" offense. Oregonian columnist John Canzano speculated that Kelly was waiting for the New England Patriots head coaching position to become available.

Coincidentally, Chip Kelly was interviewed for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers job; however, he turned it down opening the door way for Schiano.

Coming full circle to 2013, the New York Giants will face the Philadelphia Eagles two times, like they always do, yet the thought having music blaring every 40 seconds before Eli takes a snap at Lincoln Financial Field to gain an edge sounds sophomoric.

Manufacturing excitement and noise is the crowds (12th man) job. Line up and play ball, leave the tricks in college.

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