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Every year, NFL teams go into the draft looking to reform and retool their rosters. In some cases they even change their fortunes dramatically, such as the Indianapolis Colts did a few years back when they took QB Andrew Luck with the first overall selection.

That is not going to happen this season. Not with any of the quarterbacks in this class. Yet, every single mock draft has Blake Bortles of UCF, Texas A&M's Johnny Manziel and Teddy Bridgewater of Louisville going in the first round.

Both Phil Simms and Ron Jawowski have stated they don't believe there is a franchise quarterback in this draft. If that is the case, why would you waste a top pick on one of them?

I was told long ago, that if you have a high pick don't blow it on a need position with an average player. Get yourself that 'once in a decade' guy or trade down to get more picks. You're drafting high for a reason: you stink.

The teams that draft these players in Round One and then attempt to hang their hats on them will likely be drafting at the top of the order for years to come. These are classic mistakes that you would think teams would have learned by now.

If I had a top five pick in this draft, I'd stay put and get myself what I deserve - a stud who will go to Hawaii every year. Then, in Round 2 or 3, I'd either grab a QB such as Derek Carr, Zach Mettenberger, AJ McCarron or even Jimmy Garappolo.

Then, there is always the possibility of making a trade. That is the one scenario the Giants' had in their heads when they traded up to take in the fourth round of the draft last April.  There are a few who believe that if Giants backup QB Ryan Nassib were in this draft, he'd be the top QB selected, so it's on the level.

Could a trade happen? A smart team would explore it.

The Giants would probably not part with Nassib, for less than a third round pick. In this draft, the deepest in years, that would be a coup for the Giants.

They could also keep Nassib. That is a conversation for another time, one that details a possible exit strategy regarding Eli Manning.

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