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Ability. Production. Character. Leadership. Versatility. Durability. That is what the Giants have brought under their roof in the first three rounds of the draft thus far. You can't ask for much more.

2013 was a forgettable season for the Giants. Change was needed and change has come. Many fans might not like the choices made, but like a wise man once said. It's not always about getting the best players, it's about getting the right ones.

I think that's what we're seeing here at Radio City this weekend. The Giants are bringing in their leaders of tomorrow. Oh, and they all can play football, too.

Sure, they could have traded up here or traded back there, but that is not always the way to go. The Giants have let the draft come to them and plucked players that they wanted to wear the Blue: hard-working, team-oriented young men with integrity and a short distance to travel from the collegiate ranks to the pros.

I've been getting a lot negative emails and comments regarding WR Odell Beckham Jr. Not sure why. He's a solid pick. The only negative I see is his height, but I've been told by countless evaluators to slough all of that off. Beckum will help the Giants in countless ways, I've been told. He will help the Giants right their passing game by doing basically what Hakeem Nicks did for them, only he'll get into the paint. I've also been told that whatever returners the Giants have should be put on notice. In my dealings with him, I believe he has the attributes to be a special player here.

Y'all wanted a center, well now you got one. The first one taken, too. Weston Richburg has the chance to be a very good one. A tough, smart player that can move and pull, which is something that will be required of the center in Ben McAdoo's new offense.  Yes, he needs to get stronger, but if I'm not mistaken, that huge room along the hallway between the locker room and the commissary is chock full of weights. The Giants will get him stronger. I can't tell you how solid a pick this was. I never wrote him up because I didn't think they'd be in position to get him. The Giants are getting away from the plodding-types on the o-line and embracing more athletic, quicker players. Richburg fits right into that initiative.

The Giants needed one more body for their DT rotation and Syracuse's Jay Bromley - a player I had pegged for the Giants as possibility the other day -is the guy they chose in Round Three to fill that role. The Giants are hoping Bromley can bring some pressure up the middle along with his run-stuffing ability. He was team captain at Syracuse and is another high-character guy. Any complaints with this pick? Not from me.

Jerry Reese is filling the holes quite nicely. Adding skill and backbone to his sagging roster. Still on my shopping list: TE, DB, RB, DE. A lot to ask, but so far, so good.




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