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The Giants currently have the No. 12 overall selection in Thursday's NFL Draft, the first time they’ve held that pick since 1964 when they drafted RB Joe Don Looney out of the University of Oklahoma.

Looney never played for the Giants, he was traded before the season to the Baltimore Colts along with OL Lou Kirouac and a 1965 sixth round pick for veteran DB Andy Nelson and receiver RC Owens. Both Owens and Nelson were out of football by 1965. Kirouac would play a season in Baltimore before joining the expansion Falcons in 1966.

None of that will mean anything come Thursday night. The rumors are that teams are looking to trade up while others will be trading back. The Giants appear to be content to let the draft come to them, as usual.

The Giants own seven total picks in this year’s draft: One each in Rounds 1-4 and 7 and two in Round 5, including one compensatory selection, the latter of the picks.

Round One: Pick 12

Round Two: Pick 11 (43 overall)

Round Three: Pick 10 (74)

Round Four: Pick 13 (113)

Round Five: Pick 12 (152), Pick 34 (174)

Round Six: Pick 11 (187)

The additional fifth round selection (174) is a compensatory selection awarded the team during the offseason as a result of free agents lost vs gained the prior season. The Giants' seventh round selection (225) was traded to the Carolina Panthers in exchange for LB Jon Beason.

GM Jerry Reese has been equitable with his selections, drafting 27 defensive players, 25 offensive players and one special teamer since taking over the GM job in 2007.

The position Reese has selected most? Linebacker (7).

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