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The NFL Draft is just one week away and the anticipation is greater than ever with the two additional weeks tacked on this year. BBB lead writer John Fennelly fields questions from readers regarding what the Giants will do with the 12th overall selection in the first round next Thursday.

James B: With all these teams looking for a QB in this year's draft, should the Giants think about trading Eli if a team in the top 6 want him?  I know there are obstacles, but if he can bring in multiple picks especially one of the picks from 1-6, It would benefit the team plus losing Eli's contract would help as well. Depending on the pick you could end up with (Jake) Matthews or (Khalil) Mack or even (Sammy)Watkins plus still have the 12th pick. Which if you go Watkins you may still get (Taylor) Lewan or (Eric) Ebron with the 12th and then draft OL (Jawaun) James and one of the QBs in the second.

Trading Eli is not on the table right now. First off, the Giants have no intention of trading him. Many teams would love to have him, but his contract makes him virtually untradable. He has cap hits of $20.4 and $19.75 million over the next two seasons. Second, he's just had ankle surgery and is coming off his worst season. Third, none of the QBs in this draft are slam-dunk franchise QBs, so the Giants would be going from a 2X Super Bowl MVP to a rookie project at QB.

Tim: What are the Giants' biggest needS besides offensive line and a big receiver?

Some will say LB, others will point to TE, DT, DE and now, with Will Hill's status uncertain, safety. So, they've got some upgrading to do all across the board. This draft - like all others - will be dedicated to doing that. I see them sticking to their board and bringing in football players that will a) make their roster and b) make that roster better.

Matt: Who do you think the Giants will take with the 12th overall selection? I say LB CJ Mosley. He is good in coverage and finishes tackles. Plus him and Jaquain Williams and Spencer Paysinger will make a great coverage linebacker set while you have Jon Beason and Jameel McClain stopping the run.

The Giants will be looking for a player that can come right in and start, and there will be plenty of them at 12. Mosley may do that on some teams, but not here. Some have him in the top 15, but the reality is he's probably a bit overrated and a reach at 12. You have to keep in mind the Giants don't employ their 4-3 base defense against pass-heavy teams, so burning a first round pick on a player that will only play around half the snaps doesn't seem prudent.

Eli: Do you think the Giants would Take AJ McCarron if he available in the later rounds of the draft? it sounds like Ryan Nassib isn't what they planned or isn't coming about.

I don't see it, because McCarron looks like he could go in the third or fourth round, plus the Giants are not looking to take a QB that high in this draft, at least at this time. I like him more than some of the others because of his intelligence and winning track record. He could be a steal, but the Giants have to sort out what they already have in house first before bringing in another body.

Michael: Are the Giants interested in the RB from Boston College Andre Williams?

He's a possibility simply because of the fact he's from BC, where Tom coached and John Mara went to school. There's a pretty large group of backs for them to take in the middle rounds, and he is certainly one of them, but he's not seen as well-rounded and dynamic as some of the others.

Tom: Three receivers not getting enough attention from the Giants are Martavis Bryant Rd-2, Donete Moncrief Rd-2 and Jared Abbrederis Rd-3.   Bryant has got instant acceleration and will remind you a little of Plaxico Burress. Moncrief is a younger Nicks and Abbrederis knows how to find the holes in the defense. Do the Giants know they are on the planet?

FYI, no one knows what the Giants are thinking about any potential draftee. These players may not be getting enough attention because most pundits aren't really mocking past the first round or two. They are all legitimate pro material. Moncrief is the best of the three and could go in the first round. He's been mocked to various teams, just not the Giants. That doesn't mean they don't have interest. The other two will find themselves probably getting a call on Saturday in Rounds 4-7.

Brandon: In my opinion Aaron Donald is the Giants best option in the first round, what do you think?

He is a great option, in my opinion, and could be there when the Giants select. Donald is a full-service DT. He can win the battle in the trenches and also rush the passer up the middle, which is what the Giants are looking for. He would be an excellent choice at 12....but....only if all three of the big tackles and Mike Evans are gone.

Jack: If Taylor Lewan, Eric Ebron, and Mike Evans all on the board when the Giants pick, who will they take?

I don't think all three will be available at 12. Lewan's legal issues seem to be clearing up and he's now ahead of Jake Matthews in a lot of mocks. Evans will probably not get past Detroit at 10. They want a compliment for Megatron, and who is better than Evans? Ebron could be there at 12, and he will be hard to pass up, I'll admit. A great receiver but he comes with some concerns. He's young (21) and has a tendency to pop off at the mouth according to some. He also is not seen as a complete TE. His blocking would have to improve in order for the Giants to truly use him as a weapon at TE. If all three were there, I'd take Lewan. The objective this offseason is the fix the offense and the Giants still need a franchise LT.

Angelo: If Evans, Donald, Ebron and all 3 tackles are gone, would Marquise Lee be a bad choice?

Lee is an interesting player. He had a very productive college career, but has shown some durability issues and teams (other than Detroit) don't believe he's a top ten pick. He would not be the best choice for the Giants at 12 and is too much of a risk to satisfy John Mara's directive to Reese to get players that are more game-ready as rookies. Lee is still going to go in the first round, just not to the Giants.

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