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If anyone is doubting the commitment of some the Giants' players they haven't been paying attention. The results and the numbers aren't showing it, but these guys are pros and have no intention of mailing in the rest of the season.

With the offensive line going through another rash of injuries (David Diehl and James Brewer didn't practice today), it has been mentioned the Giants might limit QB Eli Manning's snaps the remainder of the season to safeguard him from an unnecessary injury.

Tom Coughlin said he and Eli spoke today and it will be business as usual. Manning has no intention of sitting out.

"It never came up as a question whether I wanted to play or not and I never thought about it any other way but going out there and playing," said Eli. "I want to compete. I want to make improvements and try to run this offense more efficiently and go out there and try to do the best I can and try to get a win."

DE Jason Pierre-Paul (shoulder) has not played in several weeks and did not practice again today. It is unlikely that JPP will suit up again this season, but he is not throwing in the towel just yet.

"I’m a football player, man, that’s what I do," JPP told reporters today. "It’s easy for me to sit out and just call it a season but I’ve been fighting injuries since I got back. I’m not a quitter. Football, that’s something that I love to do, and I’ve got a passion for it. It’s frustrating but at the end of the day you just think about it and it is what it is. I’m trying my best to get out there and be with my teammates and help them win the game."

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