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Bill Parcells won eight of eleven postseason games as Giants' head coach.

In the summer of 1986, I was playing golf with some family members at a course outside of Cleveland. My father was wearing a Giants' hat and I a Giants' shirt. Another foursome drove up behind us as we were readying to tee off.

"Giant fans, huh?" an older man said.

"That's right," my father said.

"You guys know you're  going to the Super Bowl, right?"

"How so?"

"You have the best coach in the business. That guy is like Lombardi. And I would know. I'm from Wisconsin."

The coach in question was Bill Parcells, who is only a few weeks away from football immortality. On Aug 3, he will be inducted in the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio.

The former Giant coach fielded questions today via a conference call with reporters and divulged a few tidbits about his career and what we can expect in Canton in three weeks.

From Michael Eisen of on the most memorable moment of his career:

“If you pin me down, I would probably say the ’90 Championship Game in San Francisco (in which the Giants defeated the 49ers, 15-13, on Matt Bahr’s 42-yard field goal as time expired). We were heavy underdogs there that day, and San Francisco was going for their three-peat and we had lost our quarterback, Phil Simms, and we had Jeff Hostetler playing, who did a great job for us.

“I think probably that if you pin me down, that was – there were so many great players playing in that game, really, that that’s what makes it memorable to me. As a matter of fact, the referee, Jerry Markbreit, told me that of all the games he ever officiated, that was the greatest game he ever officiated. So that kind of stuck with me, too, that an official would view it that way as well.”

On whether Mickey Corcoran, his basketball coach at River Dell High School and a lifelong mentor, will be in Canton for Parcells’ induction ceremony, and if he’s thought about what he’ll say in his speech.

“Mickey is going to be there, but he’s not going to be my presenter. George Martin is, my former Giants co-captain for eight or nine years (Parcells was Curtis Martin’s presenter last year). I have obviously thought about things I’m going to say. I haven’t written anything down, nor probably will I write too much down. I’m just going to get up there and try to thank the people that had something to do with me being there and tell you just maybe one or two things about my experience as a coach and what are the important things I got from that experience. I think that will be about it.”

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