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The Giants will be undergoing many changes over the next nine months, but may not the ones we think. If Tom Coughlin stays, and there is a  99.9999% chance that will be the case, so will his coordinators and most of his assistants.

On the player side, it looks like DE Justin Tuck is likely to be back. His play this year has shown management he still has gas in the tank and he has grown comfortable in the leadership role.

CB Corey Webster has three major factors working against him: health, age and performance. Don't expect to see him in camp next year. If he is, Jerry Reese didn't do a very good job in upgrading at the corner position.

DE Mathias Kiwanuka was supposed to reinvent himself this year after moving back to his natural position. It hasn't happened. Instead, Kiwi has been rather disappointing. He has two years remaining on a 4-year, $21.75 million deal and could end up being a 2014 cap casualty.

WR Hakeem Nicks will hit the UFA market and he will draw interest. Unfortunately for him, he ain't gonna get the big bucks his talent warrants. His injury history and performance issues will drag his price down. The question is, will dip to the point where the Giants might look to re-sign him?

OC Kevin Gilbride has been the object of all Giant fans' frustration for years, even though his offense led this team to two championships. Those days seem so long ago, however, and the groundswell for a change at OC has begun again. If Coughlin stays, so will Gilbride. The only thing that may happen is a change in some of the assistants.

Let's hear your opinion on some changes you'd like to see for 2014....

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