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If you look at statistics and try to analyze any sporting event, you will slowly go insane and probably lose all your money.

I have a simple philosophy when it comes to this - and anything - in life.

"Don't look at what is being pointed at...look at who is doing the pointing."

By following this mantra, I can basically tell you why anything in this world is happening and who is behind it.

Las Vegas is favoring Philadelphia over the Giants by three points tonight with an O/U of 47 1/2.  That tells me that they aren't buying into the invincibility of the Eagles and Michael Vick.  They see this as almost a pick'em game.

Which, it is.  The Eagles can score. We know that. We also know they can give it up, too....

The Giants, if they avoid turnovers, can beat any team in the league fairly easily.  They actually could be favored in this game. Vegas doesn't trust them.  They have been sloppy. If they play their regular game - meaning committing 3-4 turnovers - they will lose by 3.

Consider this...

The Giants are much better team on the road than they are at home. No one can quite figure this out, but it gets truer every week. Tonight, they are on the road. In a close match up, Vegas usually gives the home team a small advantage.  That means very little when it comes to the Giants.

On offense, if they can hang on to the football and pound the Eagles' average defense with a balanced attack, they will knock the starch, and perhaps some of the will, out of Philadelphia. Brandon Jacobs - this is your night to earn your check.

The Eagles also fear Eli Manning. He's scorched them more often then they've vexed him. Everyone is fixated on that 2008 playoff game where Eli came up small.  Throw that out. He's in for big game tonight....

On defense, they must keep Michael Vick in the pocket. Do not let him beat you with his legs. Make him throw short passes. He is a great deep passer, but he has only one speed on his ball. He has difficulty with touch passes. His accuracy is not good and his receivers can't find the handle on those rockets from ten yards and in.

The Eagles' top rusher and receiver is RB LeSean McCoy. The Giants need to rock his world. Be physical and make him earn every yard. The Giants need to remind the Eagles they are in a football game tonight.

NBC will be playing the Vick card all night, but it could be the Giants that steal the show...just like they did to the Cowboys and Jerry Jones in last year's opener.

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