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Tom Brady is heading to the Hall of Fame, but this week there was a fear he may be headed to the injured list. This year the Patriots can least afford to lose Brady, who is in the throes of braking in a new gaggle of receivers.

Back in 2008, Brady was injured on opening day and missed the remainder of the season with torn ligaments in his left knee. The Pats went 11-5 behind backup Matt Cassel. So much for the "MVP" of the team!

Eli Manning has started 146 consecutive games for the Giants (including postseason), so we don't know how the Giants would fare should he ever be sidelined, nor do we wish to find out. They have faced off twice in the Super Bowl, with Eli acing Tom both times...

The LoudMouths debate whether the Giants' Eli Manning or the Patriots' Tom Brady is more vital to their team's success.

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