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Like most things with the Giants, this season, the special teams have taken a long time to get their act together. In this wasted season, the Giants have allowed four TDs on special teams while only scoring one. It's been an up-and-down year for ST coordinator Tom Quinn, who told reporters yesterday that his units might be turning the corner...

What have you seen from your group in the last couple of weeks? Are you seeing the progress you’ve been looking for?Yeah. We’re finally starting to come together, gel together, led by (Mark Herzlich), Ryan Mundy and Spencer (Paysinger), so it’s finally been nice to see them… The specials have been more accurate, the punter and kicker have been putting the ball where we want them to. We’ll keep going forward.

Are you happy with what you’ve seen from Michael Cox the last couple of games?I’m not happy with the blocking. I’m happy with him. He’s done a good job of running hard. Against Green Bay we started to get that blocking. That was a good kickoff group last week. We had good field position, but not great returns.

Are kickoffs almost being phased out because the average starting point is between the 19- and 25-yard line?I don’t know. I think this time of year you’re going to see quite a bit (of returns), but definitely early in the year it’s hard to get them, and a lot of times you get a little over zealous and bring them out when you shouldn’t, but it’s still a part of it, especially when the weather changes.

Is there a different rule each week in terms of bringing the ball out?Each week you come up with a rule. A lot of times people use the standard rule of minus-five type of a thing, but it changes based on how good the coverage team is and how good your return team is and stuff like that.

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