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Some highlights from Tom Coughlin's presser this afternoon. Questions are pouring in about MLB Jon Beason, perhaps one of the best in-season acquisitions in the history of the club. The coach also spoke about the recent strong play of punter Steve Weatherford. Injuries will be covered in a later post.

I don’t know if you look down the road, but Jon Beason is a free agent after this year. Do you sit there…"I don’t look down the road. Please. We’ve got a game. He’s a middle linebacker. I hope we can take care of those kinds of things first. If you’re going to ask me if he’s played well… Yeah, he’s played well."

Would you say Beason exceeded expectations in how quickly he was able to make an impact?"I think a lot of the research that we did was extremely positive about the kind of personality and energy that he brought and we were prepared for that, but we were pleased."

Have you seen any signs of slowing down from him because he did come with an injury prone label?"I don’t see any slowdown. (I see an ascending player)."

What did you see from Spencer Paysinger last week? Is he more of the run option and Jacquian is the pass guy?"That’s the way it’s been."

Do you anticipate the same going forward?"I really don’t see any reason to change that. They both play in all situations, but last weekend we thought it would be a game that Paysinger should start to play."

Weatherford had a rough game a few weeks ago. It seems like he’s been playing better since then."Yeah. He’s done well. He has."

Was there anything you said to him?"Sure. We had to talk. You’re always coaching them. For some reason, he let the wind bother him that day (against Oakland) instead of just doing his job and the next time he performed well in the wind."

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