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Was 2013 really that disappointing a season for the Giants? Well, if you rewind back to last spring and summer, the Giants were not expected to win more than nine games. They won only seven, but could have won as many as nine.

The six-game losing streak to start the season put them in an insurmountable hole, erasing any chance at contending. It took a real effort just to get to 7-9 but, to many Giant fans, winning seven of the final ten games was no silver lining.

They expected to win more games, but the reality was, they were hurt all year long and things deteriorated when they had to rely on their raw and below-average reserves.

There were worse stories in the NFL this season. USA Today released their list of the Top 5 Most Disappointing Teams for 2013 this week and the Giants aren't on it.

The Giants did not make the playoffs in 2012, so expectations were tempered. The Giants have now failed qualified for the postseason four four of the past five seasons.

The list includes teams that were expected to move up the NFL ladder towards the Super Bowl but took a step back instead: 5. Washington 4. Detroit 3. Dallas 2. Houston 1. Atlanta

The Giants' over/under win total for 2014 will likely be less than 9, perhaps 8 or 8.5.

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