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Over the years, fans have voiced and posted their disdain of Giants' GM Jerry Reese in every corner of the social media universe.

My question to them this morning: What do you think of him now?

Reese had a lot to work to coming into free agency last Tuesday and he got busy right away. With a mindset not to get caught up in the trend to overspend the newly-accredited cap money, in just five days Reese has plugged and/or fortified many of the team's more glaring needs.

And he's not done. Far from it. They still need a TE, some more O-line help, a fourth WR and some finishing touches (but what team doesn't?)

There are fans and pundits who may criticize the choice of players, but as the old adage goes, "It's not about getting the best players, it's about getting the right players." 

I think Reese is doing this and doing it well.  He is not swinging at the pitches in the dirt. Not overpaying for the likes of Aqib Talib or Alterraun Verner and going for the less expensive options. (Did these guys invent the game? Did I miss something?)

He is forgoing the big splash for younger players. Last year's plan of bringing in veterans on one-year minimum deals was a failure. Live and learn.

So fire away all you armchair GMs, Madden and fantasy players. This is real football, the NFL, with real money and real bodies at play.  Jerry Reese is doing one helluva job thus far. Not even you can deny that.

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