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"Coach Coughlin can’t take any of this blame. Like I said, personally, I won’t allow that. He can’t take any of this blame. Coaches coach and they did a phenomenal job getting us prepared for this. We had a great week of practice. Everything that we saw out there from their offense, we went over with our coaches, defensive coordinator, assistant coaches, so forth and so on, and they did an exceptional job preparing us for today. Coach Coughlin, he’s a coach, but he can’t coach heart, he can’t make a play or have heart, he can’t make a player have passion about this game, and that’s what we were lacking out there today. Like I said, coach can say what he wants, but personally, I won’t allow him to take that because coaches coach and the players play the game." - Giants safety Antrel Rolle

Daily News Live:The panel talks to Giants' safety Antrel Rolle about their loss to the Seahawks and whether the locker room is fractured as a result.

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