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Below are some highlights from yesterday's media sessions with the Giants' draft class of 2014:

WR Odell Beckham Jr. on where the Giants may ask him to line up: "I kind of taught myself the X right now and learned the Z as well, so when they’re in the two-minute and you don’t switch sides, you know exactly what’s going on. And then you move on to the inside because coach says he would love for me to go inside and do some things. Kind of just learning it all day by day."

Beckham on having former LSU teammate Rueben Randle around to help him acclimate: "It’s been great with Rueben. He kind of, when I came into LSU, he taught me the ropes there. He’s teaching me things now. Like you said, he may not be (my) personal tutor but he’ll teach me what I need to know as far as the position that he plays and the opposite side as well."

C Weston Richburg on being as "pro-ready as a center can be": "I don’t know if anybody’s pro-ready because the players are so much better and faster and stronger. I think there are some people that are more well-prepared than others. I’m coming in, I’m going to work hard just like I did in college and treat it like I did then. I’m going to have to earn what I want to get. That’s kind of my mindset right now."

Richburg on expanded responsibilities of the center in the new offense: "In college I did everything we’re doing here, but like I said, the terminology is all different. We’re probably reading the defenses a lot more here as centers. That’s the adjustment I have to make. I’m working every day to get that down and do it as fast as I can."

Richburg on where and how he was told he'll be initially used: " I was told I’d be in at guard a couples times but it’s only been a week. That will come. I’m just focused on learning everything right now."

RB Andre Williams on if the Giants, with him, Rashad Jennings and David Wilson, can get back to the three-back rotation that worked so well in the past: "I can’t really say how they’re going to build that three-headed monster. I’m not really too sure yet, I’m just getting here and learning as much as I can, but I think that each running back brings a lot of different specialties to the table and I’m just excited to see what we’ll be able to do on the field."

Williams on if the other BC alums took him under their wing: "Kiwi definitely introduced himself to me and Herzlich sat down and had lunch with me and we just talked. They all just let me know that they’re around for whatever I need. It’s just really comforting to know that I’m coming from such a strong network. Like I said, it feels like I’m still home."

DT Jay Bromley on what he brings to the Giants' defense: " I want to get to the quarterback, first and foremost, but I know in order to do that you have to stop the run, which I know I’m more than capable of doing. I have great guys around me to teach me that like Jenkins and Patterson, those guys have helped me out a lot by watching them, just like JPP and Kiwanuka, just run and get the quarterback and get to third down."

Bromley on getting up to the desired weight of the average NFL DT: "I put on weight every year I was in college. I came it at probably 260-something and I put on weight every single year. My senior year I was playing at 296 and then after that going to the all-star game I was playing at 307 and kept that weight throughout the whole combine process. I’ve been able to put on weight pretty good and have still been able to move and be fast at it. I’m not sure how that will work but they have a great nutritionist here, they have great food here, so if I have to do it, I’ll make sure I focus on it."

DB Nat Berhe on where and how the Giants plan to use him: "Coach has me playing free safety. I think that’s a good fit for me, I think that’s a good fit me for me on this defense. It gives me the ability to do a lot of things, which I’m used to. So it’s a pretty good deal."

Berhe on adapting to a special teams role: "If you’re a football player, I don’t think it’s that hard. I did it through college except my senior year. I’m used to it and I know that’s part of the place that I’ll have to really focus in on and get things done. We’ll see what happens."

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