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Do the Giants stop the run these days or what? Rex Ryan would love this defense because that is the most important thing in the world to him. But pleasing him is not a goal of Tom Coughlin. Winning football games is.

Over the past nine games, the Giants have been stingy against the run: 53.4 yards per game, 3.3 yards per carry and only three TDs. And they've done it against some of the top RBs in the league...

Week 4 - Jamaal Charles, Kansas City: 65 yards (3.6 avg) 0 TD

Week 5 - LeSean McCoy, Eagles: 46 yards (2.3 avg) 1 TD

Week 6 - Matt Forte, Chicago: 67 yards (3.5 avg) 0 TD

Week 7 - Adrian Peterson, Vikings: 28 yards (2.2 avg) 0 TD

Week 8 - LeSean McCoy, Eagles: 48 yards (3.2 avg) 0 TD

Week 10 - Rashad Jennings, Oakland: 88 yards (4.4 avg) 0 TD

Week 11 - Eddie Lacy, Green Bay: 27 yards (1.9 avg) 1 TD

Week 12 - DeMarco Murray, Dallas: 86 yards (6.1 avg) 0 TD

Week 13 - Alfred Morris, Redskins: 26 yards (2.4 avg) 1 TD

This week, the Giants face the Chargers' 21st ranked rushing attack. Their feature back is Ryan Matthews, who is 11th in the league in rushing with 782 yards and is sporting a 4.4 YPC average. It looks as of the Giants' streak of stopping top runners may continue...

In fact, Tom Coughlin did not even mention Matthews in his Wednesday rundown of the Chargers' offense.

Danny Woodhead, however, who leads all NFL RBs in receptions with 61, did attract his attention. Coughlin had this to say about Woodhead...

"He’s made an outstanding contribution. Woodhead, you can see that Phillip Rivers has relied on him. All you have to do is watch, maybe you didn’t watch the last drive against Kansas City, he goes to Woodhead twice. Woodhead makes a play with the clock bearing down on him where he fakes like he’s going to run out of bounds, ducks back inside and picks up probably another 11 yards before he runs out of bounds. He had two of those big plays at that point in time. He’s become a very reliable guy. Rivers knows where he is all the time and goes to him. His run after the catch stuff is still extremely good and he still runs the ball as a third down runner and primarily he’s jumped back there and has their longest kickoff return as well."

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