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Phil Simms said he believes the new Giants' offense will help Eli Manning moving forward.

“I don’t think it’s going to be tough for him,” Simms said (Glauber, June 9). “It’s going to be new information, a new way to do things, but there will be a lot of the same plays that every offense runs, and there will be a new voice telling him and different ways of running those plays.”

Simms said he anticipates new Offensive Coordinator Ben McAdoo implementing a quarterback-friendly offense, which will "make life easier" for Manning.

"I would think the West Coast offense and some of the thinking will help the quarterback," Simms said. "It’s not always putting the pressure on the quarterback, which I am a big believer of in today’s game. Give the quarterback 50 percent of his completions as ‘gimmies.’ There are other times you want to make those four or five special throws.”

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