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John K. Mara  - CEO/President, New York Giants

"Just so I don't suffer the same fate Terry Bradshaw suffered two weeks ago, let me acknowledge and introduce the real boss of the franchise, my mother, Ann Mara."

"The New York Giants are proud to represent the greatest city in the world, and the great state of New Jersey and to bring home the Vince Lombardi trophy to the most loyal fans in all of sport."

"This is a team that we are all very proud of. Not only for what they accomplished on the field, but for the way they conduct themselves off the field."

"Thank you, Giant fans, for your unwavering support for so many years. This world championship belongs as much to you as it does to any of us. Thank you."

Steve Tisch - Chairman/EVP, New York Giants

"I think it's appropriate that I introduce the other boss - my mother, Joan Tisch."

"I would also like to acknowledge my sister Laurie and my brother, Jon."

"What a great day for the Tisch and the Mara families. I haven't asked the mayor yet, but I think we should do this every Tuesday."

"We do have the best fans in the world. There's a group of guys down in Dallas that call themselves 'America's Team' (boos). Looking out at all of you and the millions of people who are in the streets today, we're 'America's Dream'."

"Thank all of you. We had a circuitous road to get to the Super Bowl, and we made it very dramatic. But we're the New York Giants, so why wouldn't we..."

"Our fans mean the world to us. Our team plays for our fans. Coach (Tom) Coughlin not only coaches the best football players in the country, but he has all of you and the team has all of you in their heart every Sunday."

"To the greatest fans in the world, in the greatest city in the world, thank you"

Transcript: John Fennelly Photo credit: AP

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