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Well, now I can openly say I was not surprised at all the Seahawks won this one. Sunday morning, I predicted them to win, 26-23, in deference to the outpouring of love for Peyton Manning, but I knew the Seahawks were loaded for bear.

The Broncos underestimated the Seahawks' speed (or could not match it). Seattle plays on FieldTurf, which is the same surface as MetLife. The Broncos play on grass. Footing and speed are everything in football and the Seahawks had the edge. No one talks about that kind of stuff, but it's very important. Percy Harvin just blew by them.

The other factor was they took away the long pass from Manning, forcing his receivers into a 20-yard box. The Seattle DBs pounded them, a la the Giants vs Buffalo in SB XXV. After awhile, those body blows led to apprehension and turnovers ensued. Ballgame.

[sny-box]"I’ve been picking the Super Bowl since 1970. I picked the Minnesota Vikings to beat the Chiefs in SB IV and got spanked, but since then, I’ve been about 80% picking with the spread.

This game is a tough one. If the officials let the Seahawks’ DBs play their game, I can’t see the Broncos having much success. Seattle is a physical team and they are here with a huge chip on their shoulders. They’ll be ready. Denver has the more compelling stories (John Fox, Peyton Manning) and the big game experience overall, but they have looked vulnerable at times and might not stand up to the Seahawks in a street fight.

Keep in mind, the Seahawks have not lost a game by more than seven points in their last 44 games, so they are battlers and will be in this game at the end. When in doubt take the points. Seahawks 26, Broncos 23"[/sny-box]

GEICO SportsNite has in-depth coverage of Super Bowl XLVIII, where the Seattle Seahawks defeated the Denver Broncos, 43-8.

GEICO SportsNite has in-depth coverage of Super Bowl XLVIII, where the Denver Broncos fell to the Seahawks, 43-8, on Sunday.

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