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No, not that Taylor.

Yesterday, I listed rookie safety Cooper Taylor as a potential impact player on the Giants' defense this year. He may or may not be, but one thing cannot be disputed: Taylor is certainly an interesting prospect.

At 6'5" and 228 lbs, he's too tall to be a safety and perhaps too light to be a linebacker. But that hasn't stopped him from being a productive defensive player. He looks a lot like Brad Van Pelt in uniform and has been compared to another former Giant, Jason Sehorn.

I don't think he'll be like either one of them, ending up carving a legacy all his own. Whether that legacy will be memorable for the right reasons remains to be seen.

Veteran Giants beat writer Patricia Traina of Inside Football spoke with Taylor at minicamp...

Rookie Cooper Taylor has the potential to see a lot of playing time for the Giants this year. But like all rookies, there’s a period of adjustment what with keeping up one’s stamina during the longer season, and absorbing new responsibilities that come with multiple positions. Read how he’s planning to make sure he keeps up with everything.
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