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As far as Super Bowls go, last Sunday's Seattle-Denver was one of the least entertaining of the 48 that have been played. Many are still shocked it turned out to be so one-sided.

Sports Illustrated recently released their list of the Top 10 Super Bowl games, and the Giants appear twice on the list.  Their upset win over the undefeated Patriots in XLII was voted No. 1 and the 20-19 victory over Buffalo in XXV was voted No. 8. (See list/slideshow)

From an objective standpoint, this list is fairly accurate. I agree with the selections for the most part. For Giant fans, XLII is not their greatest moment, at least in my mind.

Super Bowl XXI will always be tops on my list. The game itself was memorable, but not as exciting  compared to some of the others.  I recall the weather at the Rose Bowl was perfect that day. The Giants got off to a slow start and were trailing 10-9 at the half. They took over the game in the third quarter after the sun went down and won easily, 39-20.

For longtime Giant fans such as my father and brothers, this was as close to a cathartic moment as it comes. It was the team's first NFL Championship in 30 years and first Super Bowl win. A three-decade odyssey of losing and embarrassment had come to an end.

XLII was great, too, don't get me wrong. The way it happened was thrilling. Winning three playoff games on the road and then going up against the undefeated Pats as 12-point underdogs. The David Tyree catch and then the Plaxico TD against single-coverage! It's still unreal to this day and hard to believe, which is why I guess it's the greatest Super Bowl ever.

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