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The Super Bowl has landed right on top of the NY/NJ area, and even though we've been preparing for it for the past three years or so, it still promises to be an overwhelming event. Yesterday, the teams landed at Newark Liberty Airport right into the arms of the loving media. Here are some quotes that may interest you...

Broncos QB Peyton Manning on how much he has talked to brother Eli about playing in MetLife Stadium, and on playing the Seahawks:

“He told me he couldn’t help me much with Seattle. It wasn’t one of the Giants’ better days. So he said to not ask him for a whole lot of help there. Eli and I have talked about playing in this stadium. I feel it was helpful to play in this stadium this season. It was the first time I had the chance to play in that stadium. So, it’s nice when you’ve played in it before, at least you kind of know the surroundings a little bit. Eli has been always helpful to me for many reasons. I’ve talked to him a number of times these past couple of weeks, and he is excited for me. I’ve always appreciated his help and support.”

Broncos head coach John Fox served as the Giants' DC from 1997-2001 was genuinely pleased to be back in the region and recalled his time here with Big Blue:

"You know, I have some fond memories. That championship game back in 2000, I guess it might have been 2001 by then, I don't remember how they do that, but it was in a completely different stadium. They built a beautiful stadium and we were there earlier this year much like our opponent; they were there a little bit later this season. It's a great organization, tremendous families running the organization. Their head coach is probably one of the guys I look up to the most in this league. So I've got great memories about the organization. My sons went to school in Wayne, New Jersey and I watched them grow up, so I've got nothing but great memories here. It would mean a lot to win it anywhere, but it would be special here."

Seattle head coach Pete Carroll was the Jets DC from 1990-93 and served as head coach in 1994. He had this to say about returning to the NY Metro Area:

"I’ve always loved playing in New York. I loved the fact that I had a chance to be here for five years. To have a chance to be a head coach in New York is an extraordinary honor because of the history and the following and all that goes along with that. Unfortunately it didn’t last very long, but it still was a great experience and I remember it well. I’m really proud to come back here and coach in a game like this, this status, in places we once lived and worked. It’s a special honor to do that.”

Seahawks CB Richard Sherman, who has been embroiled in controversy after his outburst after the NFC Championship game,  on who he really is:

"I’m just a guy trying to be the best, a guy that wants to help his team win and is a fiery competitor who goes out there and puts his life into his work and puts his everything and his passion into his work, a guy that’s come from humble beginnings and came from a place not a lot people make it out of. I’m just trying to affect the world in a positive way.”

Sherman on if his life has changed in the last week:

“Not too much. I’ve made it to the Super Bowl, so it’s changed in that regard. I’ve gotten a few more phone calls, congratulatory phone calls, but it hasn’t changed much. We have one more game to play, and we’ve been preparing like it’s another game, and that’s status quo.”

On his comments after the NFC Championship overshadowing his play:

“I think in some people’s eyes, the comments overshadow the play because that’s what they were focusing on, but some people actually focused on the game and they noticed the play and understood what kind of play it was.”

On being referred to as a thug:

“I think it did have some effect on opening up the channels of communication and conversation and dialogue. I think I had some impact on it, and I want to have a positive impact. I want people to understand that everybody should be judged by their character and who they are as a person and not by the color of their skin. I think that’s something we’ve worked to get past as a nation, as a country and we’re continuing to work on it. It’s healthy. Everything that happened, all the people who sent the messages, who tweeted what they tweeted, it ends up turning around to be a positive because it opens back up the discussion and people begin to get more educated. Anytime you get more knowledge, you’re more powerful as a person.”

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