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Tom Coughlin spoke to the media after practice today at QDTC:

On Injuries....

What happened to Rueben Randle?"Rueben has a little bit of swelling in his knee, so they want to take a look at it. Hopefully it’s not going to be much. Time to time he has some issues."

When did Randle’s injury develop?"You know what, it was yesterday. In our work yesterday he kind of limped around a little bit, so they took him in and looked at it and it was a little bit swollen this morning."

How did Peyton Hillis and Andre Brown look?"They did well, both of them. There didn’t seem to be any issues."

Victor Cruz has been around the last day or so. How did things go with him?"It seems like he did well. We saw him when he first came back. I didn’t see him yesterday, but it seemed like he’s doing well. He was in good spirits."

Any chance you get David Diehl back this weekend?"There’s a chance, yeah. He’s practiced."

Looking towards 2014...

Will you talk to some guys who are in the last year of their contract? Do you make a point before a last game?"Not really. I just continue to talk about team and how important it is to win and how important it is to play well."

When does the preparation for 2014 start for you? Sunday night or are you going to give yourself a little break?"The evaluation of the current team will be right away."

The Pro Bowl teams get announced tomorrow. If you were to get a guy like Antrel Rolle on the team, would it be meaningful?"Sure it would be. He deserves to be a Pro Bowler the way he’s played. He’s had an outstanding season. It’s a source of pride and an honor to the organization to have a player recognized like that, and he is deserving."

There are guys who have been around here for a long time who will probably play in their last game for the Giants. Do you say anything to them?"Yeah, but I don’t make those decisions and I don’t know that those decisions are made by the player yet either. That would be presumptuous of me. We try to win every game and we’ll do the same thing here."

With Ryan Nassib, is there a desire to try and get him in a game to get him some game action in his rookie year, even if it were at the end of this week’s game?"All things being considered, that wouldn’t be the number one priority. Offseason… yeah, ask me again about it when we get started."

Other stuff...

This is a game between the last two division champions. What does that say about how easy it is to go from the top to the bottom?"You could speculate on it as well as I… It speaks to what the NFL is all about in terms of the parity issues that we continuously operate under and the fact that you have from year to year things happen and teams can play well, as you well know, at the end of the year and be the strongest team and teams can get off to a bad start, as we know, and be scrambling around at the end."

How much different is their offense with Kirk Cousins in there as opposed to Robert Griffin III?"Well, the natural is they’re not featuring the option. I’m not telling you that they wouldn’t run it, but you don’t see that. You see the traditional two-back runs. You see the two-tight end, two receiver runs. You see the three-wide runs. They’re diversified. They have some four wide receivers. They have a number of receivers that play and have different responsibilities and they are throwing the ball a lot."

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