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Has the staff tried to do anything different with the offense as the struggles have continued through the season? You don’t always do the same thing, but maybe…A: Well, it’s not the same thing. There are different buckets that you would draw things from and different concepts and so we change the concepts up and we try to create some different personnel combinations, so it’s not all the same. It’s never all the same, but it’s according to what we see in terms of the defense that we’re playing against.

Re: fact that core of offensive playmakers have been together for awhileA: We’ve got a lot of new parts, too. You’ve got players that haven’t played and players that have an experience. They may have listened to your presentation a couple of years, but they haven’t really experienced it. So those new guys are trying to soak it all in and be a part of a better form of execution, which we’re still striving to get to.

Does it help the coaching staff that you guys have been through problems together?A: It certainly helps that we can communicate in a speedy fashion and recognize the issues, perhaps have some thoughts about having been there before, as you say. But by and large, the fact that we have been there and have worked together for a while is certainly a plus.

You guys have so many turnovers this year. How do you evaluate the offense and its success when you’ve had so many turnovers?A: Not very well. We’ve turned the ball over. We put the opponent in position to score. We’ve denied ourselves drives and given opportunities to the opponent, things that we preached forever about, and because of that and other things, we’re certainly not scoring enough points or the way we would like to and so we’re disappointed and frustrated just like everybody else.

In terms of Hakeem and not getting into the end zone, can a receiver have a productive season without scoring touchdowns?A: Well, he had a pretty good game the other day without scoring a touchdown. If the other day is an example, he played well even though he didn’t get in the end zone.

Hakeem had a long catch of 51 yards last week against San Diego. Was that the best you’ve seen him look in a while as far as speed and comfort?A: Well, it was a well-executed play that the ball in the middle of the field was and he did it very well and the ball was right where it had to be and he made a nice play on the ball.

Do you think Antrel Rolle has had one of the better seasons of his career?A: I’d like to think in a body of work it is. He certainly has some impressive numbers and he’s been there. He’s a tough guy and refuses under any circumstance not to be in there. I think I would say yeah. The time that he’s been here, this is a good season.

Did Brandon Jacobs indicate to you that he would like to come back from the knee surgery?A: There wasn’t any indication of anything. It was just the decision was made to go ahead and do this.

With as many players as you have on IR, do you find yourself trying to make time just to check on them during their rehab?A: Most of them, when they do have the surgery, they end up eventually a day or two later in our training room, so that gives me a chance to get in there and say hello to them.

Do you think it’s important to check in on them?A: Sure it is, absolutely. It always is. There is some rehab that’s done at the hospital, but the majority of it is done here so it’s good to check in on the progress of the players that are rehabbing from surgery or from whatever.

With special teams year to year, do you look at it like it’s hit or miss depending on the available guys that you have?A: It’s not hit and miss. There’s a great deal of time and effort that goes into preparation for special teams and it’s never hit or miss.

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