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The times of this year's training camp workouts may be set, but the structure is not. Hydration breaks have been built in and now an extended period of stretching was installed during the last half-hour of practice.

"That was a recovery stretch," Head coach Tom Coughlin told the media afterward. "We are trying to enhance this soft-muscle business. What we’ve done is we studied the GPS information, which helps us structure the practice and to know when we should be doing things such as [stretching] and cutting down reps on the field. The whole purpose is to be able to come back and have a full-speed practice tomorrow."

Full speed was not something rookie WR Odell Beckham was going this afternoon. Coughlin showed concern over the team's top pick and his lingering hamstring problem.

"You know as well as I do," Coughlin responded when asked about a possible timetable for Beckham. "Let’s face it, I don’t want it to be like it was in the spring. We need to get the guy back out here and get him on the field."

WR Rueben Randle is going in the other direction. With less 'read and reacts' to deal with in this new offense, Randle looks to be more comfortable.

"There are a lot of reads. There is a lot that goes into any offense," explained Coughlin. "The adjustments are multiple, but he has had a really good approach, and he did the same thing in the spring, and I am hoping it continues here as we get started early on."

DE Jason Pierre-Paul has been crowing about his health, claiming he's 110% and ready to return to being JPP again. Coughlin was asked if JPP's comments are unwarranted.

"I am all for it. We want him to be the very best that he can be, and I am glad that he is in that frame of mind and feels good about himself. We are looking forward to a very good year from JPP."

Not a day goes by now where Coughlin is asked if he likes what he sees from QB Eli Manning thus far.

"I’ve liked the way he has gone at it. The excitement he has mustered and the energy from going to work. Good stuff. We just have to get better, as an offensive team, as a defensive team and special teams. The competition factor at different positions is very good. We need more of that and as much as we can get."

The competition that many are keeping their eye on is the one for starting TE. The Giants have been rotating five players in and out. Coughlin was pressed about the strategy.

"Just to let everybody get to as close to equal reps as they can. Right now that is the idea to try to get everyone ready to play in a game."

Coughlin said there was "plenty of time" to figure the TE situation out, but has anyone stood out in his eyes?

"From day-to-day, different guys do different things well. I think yesterday Larry Donnell did a couple of good things."

The coach was asked if he thought the LB corps was tougher this year, as indicated the other day by LB coach Jim Herrmann.

"I will probably know that more once we get the pads on."

Coughlin said the team will practice in "uppers" (helmets, shoulder pads) on Friday and then practice in those full pads when they take the field again on Sunday.

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