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"Honestly, it wouldn’t have meant anything to me if we had lost that football game. With the win you can kind of feel good about the performance but also understand that the only reason why I was able to get sacks was because 10 other guys were doing their job on the football field. Obviously, the NFC Player of the Week is (me), but I can give credit to my entire defense. The coverage was there, guys were pushing the pocket and you just happen to fall in, it happened that I was the one to get the sacks." - DE Justin Tuck on being named NFC Defensive Player of the Week

"Maybe one day when I’m done playing I’ll sit down with Ernie and hear some stories, but no. Obviously I know what happened on my end and that’s good enough." - QB Eli Manning on if he's ever talked to former GM Ernie Accorsi about the famous draft day trade in 2004 that made him a Giant

"I don’t so much just because I honestly believe had the trade been close to going down or already the plan, I don’t think the Giants would have drafted me. I don’t think about it as much because I didn’t really think the Giants was a realistic spot for me, but when they drafted me it must be something going on with San Diego. I don’t think about it as much because I don’t think it was much of a possibility as it seemed, even though they did end up drafting me." - Chargers QB Philip Rivers on of he ever thinks about what might have been had the Giants kept him

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