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We're done with the Warren Sapp-Michael Strahan weenie wag. Nothing left to see there. Sapp made a fool out himself once again and Michael, who probably should have ignored him, is finished talking.

The New York Post is reporting on a lawsuit that alleges the Giants' equipment team faked memorabilia to look "game-worn" and sold them to Steiner Sports, among other dealers, as authentic. (READ)

Super Bowl ticket holders seeking luxury accommodations this Sunday may be in for a shock when they enter the very ordinary and utilitarian MetLife Stadium. (WSJ)

Giants QB Eli Manning thought for sure his older brother Peyton was done after multiple neck surgeries. (NYDN)

The fake memorabilia situation, if true, is very disturbing. There's enough fraud going on in that business as it is, without the teams getting in on the scam. Can't imagine the Giants' upper management was involved in this at all, but the suit specifically states that they 'coerced and intimidated' the equipment team to 'lie to the FBI.' It also alleges that QB Eli Manning was complicit in the fraud.

I agree with the MetLife assessment. For a billion and a half dollars the Jets and Giants fans didn't get the palace they had hoped for. The outer parts of the stadium remind one of a mall parking structure. Lots of bare concrete and metal and very little style and flavor. The lion's share of the money, believe it or not, was spent on the luxury suites and other the other club areas.

I recall Eli being very concerned about Peyton's future during the season where Peyton was rehabbing from surgery. At Super Bowl XLVI in Indianapolis, Peyton was seen cheering from the press level for his little brother. The mindset was that his career was likely over. Instead, this week, Eli is the one looking on with an uncertain future.

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