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RB Tiki Barber retired before QB Eli Manning realized his potential as a championship QB. Throughout his playing years and beyond, Tiki has had his criticism of Eli, even though Manning has not one, but two, Super Bowl MVPs under his belt.

Appearing on WFAN this morning with Sid Rosenberg and Kim Jones, Barber had this to say about the recent valley in Eli's career:

“He’s done great things, but he doesn’t do it consistently..What makes someone great in the history, in the annals of an organization or a league? It’s consistency … The problem with Eli, as of late, I think, is there’s something physically off. There’s definitely a confidence issue."

“....And that has nothing to do with him. It has everything to do with those five guys (the offensive line) — and really it’s been eight over the course of this year — in front of him that just can’t get it done. He’s constantly throwing off his back foot. I feel like he’s pressing sometimes to make some throws and they end up sailing on him … It’s because of confidence and I think because he’s gotten the crap beat out of him.”

Tiki added that there are more acts to come in this play....
“I’ve counted Eli out before and I’ve been wrong...Here’s what I know about him. He has a drive, and maybe it’s a Manning thing … There’s a drive within him that sees him be able to grow and learn from things that he’s done wrong … I think it is fixable. And you talk, really, about the window for Eli.

“Is it still open for him to have great success in the next three or four years? I think it is.”

In order to Eli to succeed again, GM Jerry Reese has to get a better quality of groceries on his next trip to the market. Not only do the Giants need some serious upgrades on the line, they could use a TE and another RB.

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