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Giants head coach Tom Coughlin after his team fell to the Indianapolis Colts, 20-12, Sunday night at MetLife Stadium:

"I’m disappointed tonight, we didn’t make any plays.  Might have made one or two, but certainly nowhere near enough.  You know, we had many opportunities and then didn't come away with anything; I thought we had two interceptions there on two touchdowns of theirs, and we were down in scoring territory a bunch of times and didn’t come away with touchdowns, so that continues to be an area of concern for us, for us all. 

Too many penalties tonight, starting with mine, which was foolish.  You know, I’m taking full responsibility for that, I was wrong.  The situation that occurred, I was out on the field too many times, they warned me about that, but in that situation, you’re told by the officials to go ahead and come down if you need to take a timeout when the clock is running out, but that didn't happen. I guess when they threw the flag as far as me leaving the bench area, so I take responsibility for that. I was wrong, wasn’t a very smart move, but the frustration in terms of how we played was there and I am disappointed in tonight’s game."

Any update on Victor Cruz?

Nothing that anyone’s told me, other than he jammed his heel and was sore, so that’s all I know at this point.

How about David Baas?

I have no more information on that either.

You at least get a sense that Cruz is not a serious injury?

A: I don’t know, I mean he runs to make his living, he’s obviously got an issue with the heel; hopefully it’s not going to be a long thing, but I really don’t have the information to tell you if there’s an exact medical position on that or whether, in fact, if he does have a sore heel, and they’re going to continue to do some tests on him.

You get any sense of his availability for-

I have no, I don't know.  You’re asking me stuff I can’t tell you.

What about Justin Tuck’s hamstring?

There’s another one.  I mean, I guess he’s had all the tests, all I’ve heard is a slight hamstring strain, but I’m sure we’ll know more either later tonight or tomorrow morning.

Larry Donnell was announced as not playing and he got some snaps in there. Can you just talk a little bit about that please?

Yeah, I mean I take my hat off to Larry Donnell, he hurt himself the other day in practice. I was afraid of the seriousness; he came back with the ligaments in tact but we thought he would be sore. He vowed that he wanted to play, he had the doctors and the trainers with him on the field this morning and he ran and went through a series of exercises and the medical people cleared him to play.  So his attitude, really more than anything else, determined that he wanted to play and he did.

Was there anything in particular that went wrong inside the 10 that you can put your finger on?

I can’t, not to tell you exactly other than some opportunities where one ball wasn’t caught or wasn’t a great throw, but it wasn't caught.  Another one we thought we had the tight end a couple of times real early with David Carr, one was sailed over the tight end’s head and the other we thought he was open again but didn't get him the ball, so we took a little bit too much time on that as well.  We thought with nine seconds, if we quickly caught the ball and threw it, we’d have as much as three opportunities. It didn't work out that way.  I’m sure there was a lack of precision in the execution and that’s what we’re going to see.

Did the linebacker situation clear up for you at all yet? 

We’ll have to look at the tape.

The starting situation at Mike linebacker, was it just Dan Connor’s turn or did you see something this week that you elevated him-

No, it’s very competitive, so we flipped it around and just wanted to see him operate with the ones.

How did Justin Tuck look before the hamstring injury? It looked like he was in the backfield a lot.

Looked fine.  We were in the backfield a lot, we didn’t make many plays back there, but we were there.

What did you see from Justin Pugh and his debut here?

Well, I was glad to see him compete.  Some of those kids on the edge were good rushers and he did a pretty good job of that.  I like to look at the tape.  I know we got tremendous pressure after he came out of the game, for example, he and a couple of others, so I’ll have to look at the tape.

For the second week in a row it looks like Michael Cox showed some athleticism again. Would you agree?

He did.  He did.  He’s got a lot of fight.  He breaks tackles.  He’s very persistent in what he does.  He does the same thing on special teams, so he’s making good progress.

Is it possible to describe the level of frustration with injuries in the preseason when you’re in so much of an evaluation stages? Is that almost worse than the result of a game sometimes, that now you have to manage your starters-

Well the unfortunate part about it is these things happen.  I mean David Baas, what are we, two plays into the game?  Cruz, I had no idea. I saw him when he came off the field, I didn't really know what it was.  He had run by everybody for a touchdown and we didn't get the ball out there, and that gave us some excitement for later on thinking what we had and then he was out of the game.  So the injuries are always frustrating, there isn't any question about that, because what we really need to do now is to come back in -- stop reading the clippings -- come on back in here and go to work and get better over the course of the week and, of course, when guys are hurt they can’t practice.

What do you mean by ‘stop reading the clippings’?

Well, let’s go prove what we are, who we are and what we have. Instead of everybody telling us how good we are, let’s go prove something.

With the exception of the fourth and one, was the running game better this week?

I think it was, yeah, I think it was.  You know it seemed to be a little bit more in the top end of it, and then in the back end of it, and we started out with quite a few yards right away, which was good.  That was the goal.

Run defense also, did that look a little better, especially early?

I thought it looked better, yeah, I thought it looked better, I don’t know what the yardage is going to be, but I thought it looked better.


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