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The opening statement from Tom Coughlin's post game presser:

[sny-box]"Good, hard fought divisional game. It came down to the last couple of seconds. I thought we played hard. We didn’t make as many plays as we’d hoped. We drove back in the second half. We got the ball in the end zone, got the two-point play. We let them out of the hole a couple of times, rose up and got the ball for the offense a couple of times, which was the only way we were going to have any kind of field position.

Very disappointed. Players played hard. They wanted to win very badly. We were down in the green zone a couple of times in the first half and came away with field goals. You always hold that in the back of your mind, is that going to come back and haunt you? Obviously it did.

We rushed the ball very well tonight. We didn’t particularly throw the ball or have as much yardage as we would have thought with the passing game. Our defense, I think, had one third down up until that last drive. We had them in outstanding position there a couple of times, 3rd and 10. Even the last one 3rd and 10, that’s not gimme field goal, not on a night like this where the ball is hard. Both teams played hard.

We felt like we obviously had a chance and should have won, but we didn’t. Credit where credit is due and back to work."[/sny-box]

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